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SITFIT posture

"I sat on in it for two hours today and I can feel it working the core. It was great feeling the effect without doing much. I’m not beyond getting one for the office too!" - B.E.

"I've had debilitating lower back spasms in the past. When the same area started re-stressing from sitting for too long, I found Sitfit helped increase flexibility and reduce muscle tension." - R.V.

"All my clients (patients and athletes) could benefit from building their core!" - Joanna L., RMT

"As I regularly go work out with a professional trainer, this Sitfit compliments what I do outside of the office. Better sitting on the Sitfit than my regular leather chair in the office!" - J.Y.

That which you focus upon grows or Peter Drucker’s dictum of “what gets measured, get’s managed” are both pointing to the fact that what you give your attention to increases. I know that when I am not exercising and eating poorly my natural inclination is to snack more and do even less physical fitness. Conversely, when I exercise I naturally crave good healthy food am not tempted by junk food and want to exercise more.

The reason I give these examples is that it works the same way with back health. If you don’t think much about your back and aren’t present to how amazing it is and that it is worth caring for then you lift improperly, lift more than you should and slouch at your chair or on the couch.

One of the ways that I stay present to the importance of good posture and back health is I invest in good health. By spending money on tools that keep me mindful of my posture and remind me of the value of good health I am reinforcing in my mind that this is important.

Every day I also have visual cues and physical reminders that I am taking care of my back and neck health and my body generally. When I go to sleep I feel the support of my firm and comfortable mattress. When I put my head down I can feel the support under my neck of my orthopaedic pillow.  When I am working either at my office or at home I am sitting on my Sitfit. All of these serve as reminders that I care about my back, neck and body.

All of these cues have me be present to the importance of my back and neck and so when I go to lift something my body somehow naturally reminds me just beforehand to do so gently and properly. When I am brushing my teeth I often will think to myself, “you should bend your knees and get lower to the sink before spitting rather than bending at the waist.” Sometimes when I’m waiting to go into a meeting I will slouch or cross my knees while sitting (both not good for the back) and then I will suddenly be inspired to sit up straight and uncross my legs. It is almost inexplicable.

When you are present to the magnificence of the body and give it your time, money and attention you build positive momentum in the direction of improved health and vitality.

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