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SITFIT posture

"I sat on in it for two hours today and I can feel it working the core. It was great feeling the effect without doing much. I’m not beyond getting one for the office too!" - B.E.

"I've had debilitating lower back spasms in the past. When the same area started re-stressing from sitting for too long, I found Sitfit helped increase flexibility and reduce muscle tension." - R.V.

"All my clients (patients and athletes) could benefit from building their core!" - Joanna L., RMT

"As I regularly go work out with a professional trainer, this Sitfit compliments what I do outside of the office. Better sitting on the Sitfit than my regular leather chair in the office!" - J.Y.

If you’ve been wondering when you might possibly fit core stability exercises into your life, the Sitfit may be the answer.
A Sifit works the same as a ball without taking up the same amount of space.

Sitting for long periods places stress on the spine and compresses the discs. Many years of a desk job can lead to early degeneration for this reason. A Sitfit helps keep mobility in the lumbar spine for those with sedentary jobs or lifestyles. By creating an unbalanced base of support, it forces the core muscles to fire to keep you from falling off your chair, thus working your abs while you sit.
Excerpted from the Back2Health Chiropractic Newsletter written by chiropractor and Sitfit supporter Dr. Shelley Adams who was recently voted #1 chiropractor in this year’s “Best of Vancouver” reader’s poll in the Georgia Straight newspaper. For more on Dr. Adams and her practice, please visit:

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